On the importance of viewing book porn

By Kaitlyn Till

Book porn is online media that celebrates and fetishizes both the purchase and ownership of books, and the aesthetic of an arranged collection of reading material. Like the subset of twenty-first century music fans dedicated to collecting and displaying vinyl albums, book porn creators and sharers are passionate about collecting the physical artifact and promote the creation and sharing of media that celebrates the “old” technology.

Online book porn can be divided into four categories. The first is collections of images and videos of libraries, bookstores, and other book-related places—often grandiose and far beyond the means of the viewers to replicate, such as the images found at Bookshelfporn. This is the often unattainable, always inspirational imagery that a subgroup of devoted bibliophiles binges upon; these are the infinite stacks filled with so many books that the titles are unreadable for their distance and extent. These images may be of either the place as it naturally is (such as an enormous library with a traditional organizational scheme), or are staged for maximum visual appeal with less functionality in mind—such as the extent of rainbow-organized book collection images.

Rainbow library

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Grumpy Cat: The Modern Achilles


How Memes are Actually Classical Tradition and How Publishers Are Killing Them Regardless


N.B. In the context of this essay, ‘meme’ refers specifically to internet memes and oral tradition refers specifically to that of the Ancient Greeks.

How could an unhappy looking cat be comparable to the greatest Greek hero? Achilles and Grumpy Cat are much more similar than they first appear. They come from traditions, Ancient Greek oral tradition and internet memes respectively, that are mirror images of each other.  Continue reading “Grumpy Cat: The Modern Achilles”