2 Replies to “Perfect Metadata for Consumers”

  1. Thanks for the post, Melody! I really enjoy how you bring in children’s books to these conversations—so often when we talk about these subjects we end up just discussing non-fiction/lit which misses the plurality of publishing.

    What do you think would be needed to help bring more in depth metadata to the field of children’s publishing? And do you think input of information (and labour) is the largest obstacle preventing this from happening or are there others at play? I feel like I want to examine the matadata situation at Kids Books now :)

  2. Melody! Thank you for your post, it was interesting how you chose to look at the bias and homogeneity that poor metadata can create. Also a very important topic.

    How booksellers are categorizing books now seems tedious, when they could really be taking advantage of the metadata sent by publishers. But I can see how that is also problematic/unreliable when the publishers are sending incomplete or poorly categorized metadata.

    If the ebook and the physical book both exist, couldn’t the booksellers take advantage of that and apply that metadata to the physical books as well? I think people in the trade are so one camp or the other when it comes to digital vs physical when really they should focus on having the systems work in harmony.

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