2 Replies to “Let Data Live Long and Prosper”

  1. Hi Jaz,
    Thanks for your feedback on this! I totally agree that privacy and collecting data are not opposing ideals. I liked how you used the way Facebook Pixel could potentially help small publishers. Thanks for providing additional examples of companies that are finding new ways to collect data. You’re certainly right that there needs to be protected when it comes to data privacy.

  2. I like that you have pointed out two key aspects of data privacy issues for publishers: the temptation to use the valuable data and the permissions/ethical issues that are at stake. However, I do think you gloss over what it means to seek permission and underestimate the complexity of explaining to users how their data is going to be used. It is easier to explain what data you’ll collect—which is why FB and others let you download the data they explicitly get from you—but much harder to explain all the derived data, and all the ways in which that data is used. These are complex issues, and you’ve done a great job at talking about how various publishing-related companies tackle data.

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