Subscriptions and Ads… not such a bad thing

I’ve never really felt compelled to subscribe to any sort of magazine, newspaper or online community. Partly because of there hasn’t been anything I’ve been interested in enough to do so and I guess the idea of having to pay for content that I could probably find a way to get for free seemed silly. This weeks class and reading made me reflect on how is this different from my subscription to Netflix, Spotify, or Adobe. A subscription to something like Medium is far less expensive than one of these other things I currently subscribe to. I would say perceived value has a lot to do with the subscription choices I’ve made. With all 3 of my current subscriptions, it allows for multiple users which I split with a friend or family member, thus my perceived value of these things increases.

With that said, I do think that a subscription model is preferable as the end user. Although I do understand that not all types of business cannot survive with just one type of revenue model. Having taken up a production/management position for my job in conjunction with this program has certainly given me an understanding and appreciation of how business function. I would say that I used to be indifferent to ads (especially on website). I have become more aware recently how advertisements would keep popping up for sites and products that I’ve visited. While, it’s a little creepy, I do understand that these are the way businesses ensure that products are visible making increasing the likelihood of a sell-through. On a personal note, I would be very interested how they are able to do this!

As consumers, I think it’s important to understand the purpose and role that advertising or subscriptions has for the publisher and reader. I think it’s very easy to say that ads or subscription shouldn’t exist on site or on any type of medium. At the end of the day it is the means that that select producer has chosen to be able to deliver their content. Hopefully, it’s not overkill! I also think that ads and platforms should be better aligned with each other. To me, there is nothing more off-putting than noticing a mis-aligned add.  Although as we continue to learn, small publishers and business aren’t equipped to compete with large companies, so perhaps they’re not really in a position to be selective with their ads.

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  1. Hey Tricia! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really loved hearing about your opinion with all the topics we discussed in class. I’m really interested in learning more about your idea of “perceived value” because I wonder what are the factors that we take in when deciding the value of something. I’m also really interested in learning more about your production course experience and how it can be related more to the subscription model. I agree with all your points overall!

  2. I completely agree with what you’ve said here, particularly when it comes to perceived value and misaligned ads. There is nothing more hilarious than when something will be advertised in a space that negates its meaning (like newspaper titles that are put together to make a clearly different story than the writers were intending). I also wonder about how precisely my data is collected on the internet and how that data is monitized to create ad revenue.

  3. In this piece you touch upon various concepts, including the value of advertising and subscriptions, data privacy, and targeted advertising. Although these three are naturally related, your presentation of your thoughts on them leaves them largely disconnected. I was left wanting to see you articulate a single argument in which you incorporated these elements as part of your response instead. As I point out inline, you make a good proposition at the start of the third paragraph when you say that you think it is important for us to understand the role of advertisement and subscriptions, but I was left wanting to hear the argument of why this is so!

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