Where Do I Stand?


I have tried all kinds of personality tests to find who I am and where I stand. Funnily enough, learning about your own personality is not very easy and we are in need of tests and algorithms to tell us what we can do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t use these tests. On the contrary, with all the different point of views and opinions we hear and arguments we have, we (or at least  I) sometimes lose track of what we are standing for and who we are. Wondering where am I going with this? Well, for me, when I asked myself where I stood and what I believed in after reading the article by Adam Gopnik, How the Internet Gets Inside Us, I instantly thought I was Ever-Waser. I believe in technology and what it can accomplish in the world; I used to be the type of person who immediately updated her phone applications (I am now prioritizing). I also want my career to be solely focused on data and technology. Does that mean I am one of the Better-Nevers? I’m still not quite sure.

Two years ago, I did a presentation in my class about the utopia and dystopia of the internet, social media to be specific. I watched two Ted Talks before presenting. One showed how social media can end up taking over someone’s life and the other one how the Internet and technology were creating a better space for people. After that, I watched a video that talked about both, the utopia and dystopia of the internet, technology and the web, Digital Dualism, how some people differentiate their online self (not authentic, not the real you) and their offline self ( that show authenticity and reality). The video pointed out that we should look at the issue in a different way: what if our offline is our online life? Maybe we should start seeing the technology as a place we actually exist in instead of a space we go to.


Now, going back and relating to the main idea of this blog, where do I stand? Better-Never, Never-Better or Ever-Waser. One of the highest personality traits was a Mediator. Maybe I am actually a mediator; I cannot take an extreme side in most of the arguments I have, I always try to provide a solution that suits both sides/parties. So when it comes to choosing where I stand, I directly went with the Ever-Waser because I looked at it as a choice that combines both the better-never and the never-better.  It is the option that made sense to me. Hanna from the video mentioned that we sometimes live in a society that is “influenced with a dualist mindset” choosing between good and bad, black and white, offline and online instead of focusing on the connectivity and the opportunities the technology can provide us. So for the third time, where do I stand? I think for the sake of my technology passion and my inner thoughts, I will not be a mediator this time and although I 100% believe there is more to this than classifying yourself into three categories, I see myself in a new category. One that combines both the Better-Never and the Ever-Waser.



Spegel Hanna, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uddoLwk6Ay8.

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  1. Thank you for this reflection. It is useful to get other perspectives in, and I can certainly appreciate the challenge of trying to put ourselves (or anything, for that matter) into a single category. It would have been good to see you explore the middle-ground perspective you take a little further. As written, there is ample narrative of the path you took to realize you were in a new category, but little detail on what you see that category looking like. In future reflections you could save some words by simply bringing in the resources without the explanation of where and how you used them previously, and instead use the words to describe their ideas and how you relate to them.

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