The Never-Betters, the Better-Nevers, and the Ever-Wasers

There is a saying in Urdu, my national language:

پانچھوں انگلیاں برابر نہیں ہوتیں۔

“None of the five fingers on your hand are the same size”

It is a very common saying, often muttered when someone’s perspective is poles apart from your own.

In any society, there are all kinds of people with all kinds of thinking. Every person has a completely different worldview, their own set of experiences and style of expression. Similarly, every single person feels very differently about the Web. I do not think I have lived in Vancouver long enough to testify about her society. I will elaborate on what I do know.

Personally, I am 70:30 never-better:better-never. We live in fun times: the Web has given us this delicious liberty to camouflage who we are in our normal analog lives. We can choose who we want to be online. Evidently enough, it has as many cons as it does pros. We have all heard the horror tales of privacy astray. The tiny better-never part of my feelings toward the Web is because of the tactics used to extract personal information. The ability to share goes hand-in-hand with the fear of possible mistreatment. It is deeply unsettling to know that every “private” conversation can be manipulated by anyone with a moderate amount of technological skill. A big fear for me is sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, e.g. banking information or cellphone number.

But the optimist in me loves the fact that I can find out the size of beavers’ teeth in less than 30 seconds with the Web. I use this anonymity to ask Ms. Google questions; questions and concerns which would be trite for a person to person interaction. This hoard of information and resources available to me through the web makes me a never-better.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and putting yourself into Gopnik’s categories. Your states clearly where you see yourself, but it lacks much of an explanation of the reasons why. Try to articulate your rationale and analyze the reasons why you think what you do, and guide your reader through the reasons. In future posts, try expanding on your ideas a bit further so that you are able to showcase what you have been thinking throughout the class.

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