It’s hard to mention technology without bringing up GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). They are essentially these four big pillars that are shaping, changing and (of course) controlling the tech industry. Innovation and advancement from GAFA are hard to dismiss, and they mostly cause a shift to both market demand and preferences. Short to say, they are the future.

Unfortunately, we all know that future changes and we never know what future holds. Let’s all talk about what ifs here. What if one of GAFA declines? Or even worse, what if four of them decline? Will the world go back to the stone age; the age without internet, without fast shopping and shipping method and certainly without social media? Or will there be one revolutionary innovation that completely annihilate the existence of Big Four with much minimalistic do-it-all technology?

I don’t know if any of you have watched, or even just heard about DC’s TV show that is airing on CW called Legends of Tomorrow. If you have, then stay with me. If you haven’t, I’ll just jump to what I am trying to point out here. Basically, in that DC universe, there are bunch of time travellers boarding on a time ship called The Waverider. What is super awesome though, is that the ship is completely run by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) named Gideon. Gideon does everything; from making breakfast, repairing the ship, even telling the future. She could get offended too sometimes! (not that we want her to have feeling and goes Blade Runner on us)

What I am trying to say here is : what if in the near future, say 10-50 years from now, AI like Gideon exists? She doesn’t have to be able to tell the future or repair a time ship, but she sure can make us a breakfast by connecting to the toaster, microwave and the fridge. She could be this fibre, or a chip, that will integrate to every devices we use, from car, TV, watch, glasses, even smoke alarm. Imagine she does exist, what would happen to GAFA?

Well first, Google will die. Google may have developed its own AI, but can Google Home summarize what Net Neutrality is for you? Gideon can. Search engine will no longer be relevant as you can just ask Gideon 5W+1H and much more complex questions. She can even do your thesis for you, if you are good to her. Google Analytics will no longer needed, as again, Gideon will compile and summarize the data for you.

How about Amazon? Again, you can just ask Gideon to shop for you. She will arrange the payment, the shipping, the receiving, even updating your shopping preferences. And who needs kindle when Gideon could just read to you? Or you can read through her holographic projection? Sounds awesome. And who is this Alexa again?

Facebook oh Facebook. Now this is tricky. Facebook relies on its social media and connection, but hey, you can just ask Gideon to make a holographic projection of your friend in Australia and talk to her.  I am pretty sure she can tell you what’s up with your friends lately, remind you to wish your best friend a happy birthday and tell you whom you might want to connect and have a real chat with. Yeah, real chat. Holographic or not. No emoji required. You can tell from the facial expression, duh.

Last but not least, Apple. Now what does Apple do again? Oh right. They make technology that is basically one step behind from the Korean tech giant. No judgement. But again, who needs Apple when Gideon has better user interface, is more versatile and mobile. Siri got nothing on Gideon.

Some of you may wince and say, “Girl, stop dreaming.” Fortunately, this technology is not entirely impossible. We all know how AI has been advancing over the years and robot technology has been taking over some of human forces in most industries. Hell, even Elon has found a way to get us to Mars, why can’t we have a dumb Gideon for a start?! There’re these vast opportunities before us that are waiting to be discovered, to happen. And it is bound to happen. The market is also looking very promising, as people tend to get more and more lazy, dependant and want everything to be automated, fast, effective and efficient.  And yes, you may say that it is most likely that Gideon will be owned and controlled by just one giant company, or even the government, but that’s a problem we can deal in the future. In the meantime, I am just so excited to see what the future may bring. Are you?

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