THE FUTURE OF BOOKS.——The Future of Printed Books

As the article, books seems to be getting intangible. The popularity of new media such as Internet, mobile phones makes me worried about the fate of printed books. I believe books will not disappear in the future.


In printed books, words are fixed in the paper. Every time you picked up one book, each page provides the same places and same feeling, which makes people feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, when we read printed books, we have a feeling like that there is a “center” or “root”, and every time when our minds want to enter into this place, printed book makes we return to the land of habitat.


When reading in front of a screen, most of us will have a non-practical, not a secure feeling. We do not have the control of computer program, do not understand how it works and people will worry that the virus problems which will immediately destroy the computer. Once we use the computer, we would quickly lose the feeling of “root”, lose the feeling of material place. Printed books can give people a sense of stability. It is also the reason why printed books can play an important role in human culture.


Unless there is force majeure such as fire, wind, flood, earthquake or explosion, printed books are unlikely to be destroyed in common situations. However, the risk of security issues in e-books is more than printed books. A common risk factor is the virus. If a man put information in computer or e-book store, he will naturally worry about data loss due to a virus. Then, people will store data in the U disk and other mobile devices in this fear. Even do the backup work, sometimes people still have to worry about data loss or damage. On the one hand, the worry comes from the natural defects of digital technology itself, on the other hand, the worry comes from the lack of “material” feeling in digital technology. So, from this point of view, the usefulness of printed books is more than the usefulness of digital media.


Compared with e-book, printed books are the media before the evolution. E-books are the new media which absorb the energy of new technology. The truth is that fleeting and keeping, they are all human need. We should guard against the tendency that feel hyper-vigilant to new media and the pessimistic mood for old media. Compared to printed books, books produced by electronic technology must have disadvantages, also have advantages. But the result will be that in the future, printed books and e-books will satisfy the needs of the human in their own territory.

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  1. I agree print books will certainly be around for the foreseeable future, but in what forms? Will their place in the market change? Will the reasons why we buy them evolve? Or will they remain dominant, while digital reading occupies only the moments when we were not reading before?

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