Topic Brainstorming

Digital Marketing/Virality/Information Flow and Distribution

  • How technology has affected book marketing
  • Origination/Tracking back to the original source
  • Virality/The spread of information
  • SEO strategies and book publishing
  • Analytics/Metrics

Internet Business Models

  • Use of data by corporations
  • Data & publishing
  • Facebook, Google and Amazon… Big Brother?
  • Conspiracy!
  • I don’t trust the internet
  • If the internet is free, why do I pay so much for it each month?
  • How do you monetize online storytelling?
  • Why do Wikipedia and Firefox keep asking me for money. Isn’t it run by some guy with lots of room for servers?
  • Who owns the internet?


  • Technology getting smarter than us?
  • Can we live without the internet?
  • Can we think without the internet?
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Is technology controlling us?
  • Can people survive without instant communication?
  • Medium as the message?
  • Is the end of the internet the start of the apocalypse?
  • Rabbit hole of reddit?


  • google, amazon, etc.
  • never being able to take anything down
  • the right to take things down
  • author anonymity
  • does lack of privacy/open communication negatively impact creativity/literature?
  • private browsing

Production Processes

  • EPub/ ebook formats (what do they mean)
  • EBooks and standards
  • Digital Workflows
  • Why is the Toronto Star making an tablet app?
  • Magazine apps vs. mobile browsing
  • is digital content worth the same as print?

Online reading habits

  • Online behaviour
  • Online reader’s attention span
  • Technology and its effects on reading
  • “My mom says reading off a screen will ruin my eye sight. Is this true?” (or: Reading on screen vs reading on paper)


  • Hacking – who, what, why
  • What can/should people be arrested for?
  • If our government falls prey to a dictatorship can the internet be shut down?
  • Legal issues