One Reply to “What Metadata Needs Right Now and What it Wants in the Future”

  1. In reading this essay, I’ve been reminded that I really ought to learn ONIX. What a good topic to write on, Sydney!

    I agree that metadata is a weak point for publishers. I think the problem of prioritizing it comes from their lack of true understanding of the ROI that proper metadata can bring. Yes, it takes time, but if 1,000 or 10,000 more people see your book when they search in Amazon then it’s worth it isn’t it? Only when the potential readers see the book and learn it exists, do publishers stand a chance of making a sale.

    I like your idea of creating a Wikipedia-style database, but as you’ve pointed out, there are problems. Doesn’t BookNet Canada’s BiblioShare offer a solution for Canadian publishers? Maybe I’m missing something though. I’m no BiblioShare expert!

    I’d argue that we have a solution for disseminating metadata in Canada, but that publishers need to stop grumbling about metadata and just get to it. As argued by Laura Dawson, adopting those standard bibliographic terms is key too.

    P.S.: That opening video was fun!

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