Team DAT!Analysis: Project Report

Content Analysis & Data Visualization of MPub Project Reports and TKBR Essays

Alice Fleerackers, Monica Miller, Josh Oliveira, Alison Strobel, Zoe Wake Hyde

This project was conceived as part of a wider undertaking by the Master of Publishing class of 2015 to explore the creation of a new J​ournal of MPub,​showcasing the work they have produced throughout the year. Our team’s contribution to this was to collect the current work, as well as that of past cohorts, and see what insights could be drawn from them.

Our final report details the process by which our team collected, processed and analyzed three years worth essays from the PUB 800 and PUB 802 courses that are located on the school’s TKBR site, as well as fifteen years worth of project reports from the SFU institutional repository, Summit. Our goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the content generated by SFU’s Master of Publishing students.

Download the full report as a PDF