Publicher: a new model for author crowdfunding
Emily Taylor, Anna Rivera, Chantel Cheng, Nicole Ivory, and Chadwick Joe

“Publicher” is our vision for the future of the book industry. Our platform borrows elements from social media, crowd funding and self publishing to create a unique online content community that benefits authors, readers and publishers. Authors receive sustained financial support from readers, readers interact with their favourite authors and publishers can discover new authors with demonstrated success writing and marketing their work.

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Behind the Book: The Current State of the Publishing Industry
Christine Coulter, Brett Fabian, Lucy Lau, Oscar Lo, Christian Tweedy, and Emilie Vachon

In imagining the future of the book, this project takes readers (and viewers) straight to the source—approximately 21 years from today’s date. Through the presentation of an original documentary featuring interviews with both readers and industry professionals living and working in the year 2035, the producers of this project provide both commentary on the current state of the book as well as where it will lead should more recent trends in publishing continue. The future that is ultimately painted is one that is not entirely dissimilar to conditions seen today: traditional publishing houses are failing to meet the changing preferences of readers and are therefore, becoming increasingly obsolete in the evolving book market.

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Magna Liber
Catherine Song,Debora Poh, Elenor Qu, Emma Melena Hou, and Emma Li

Magna Liber, the most advanced e-reader, will lead the previous reading experiences to a whole another level. The user and environmental-friendly device will benefit not only the readers by offering new ways of reading, writing, and learning, but also by providing an innovative way of interaction with other users. As well, publishers and authors are given the opportunity for new, profitable business model within the digital age. The era of Magna Liber just has begun!

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Ambit Publishing
Alison Roach, Karen La, Caili Bell, Holly Vestad, and Lauren Madsen.

We are presenting a business model for a print publishing house. Bringing global to local, Ambit Publishing produces quality non-fiction, and occasionally fiction, about pertinent and relevant global affairs. For the individual and author that regards him or herself as a citizen of the world,Ambit’s publications create a public that does not discriminate. You can visit our website at

Jessica Sanderson, Jordana Fridman, Mary Ngo, Laura Parkinson,and Lizzy Sun

We are read:public, a textbook subscription service that has created an app for all platforms (smartphones, computers, and tablets). This app offers all textbooks listed each semester at Simon Fraser University and allows students access to all the textbooks they need and extra ones they may want from other courses/departments/subjects in digital form. Students will vote through a referendum, produced by us and the SFSS, to have an increase in their supplementary tuition fees in order to have access to our app.

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