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Introduction to HTML + CSS

There are obviously a million HTML + CSS tutorials on the Web (actually, Google reports 12.7M hits).  Instead of creating a brand new one, this page holds a good starting point for understanding the basics of HTML + CSS from a trusted source, one that I have used many times in the past. The Mozilla Foundation, makers of FireFox, has a “developers network” that links out to good tutorials and reference guides that will be helpful to you.  This page simply holds a few links to help you begin.

HTML Resources:

Topics to cover:

  • history of HTML
  • terminology: element, tag, attribute
  • whitespace
  • DOM

CSS Resources:

Topics to cover:

  • Cascading/inheritance
  • Selectors

The Flying Narwhal: Small mag workflow

Flying Narwhal logoKaitlyn Till, Shed Simas & Velma Larkai

Project Overview

Who we are & Background context

We are Master of Publishing students at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. We approached this project from the perspective of two magazine concepts we developed earlier in the term: Shed, a consumer lifestyle magazine about minimalist living focused on Vancouver, designed as a multi-platform publication for web, iPad, and print; and Roam, a custom-content publication for an Airbnb-like service that has a print magazine, a digital edition (PDF of the print) and a website. Continue reading

Part&Parcel: Crafting the Perfect Newsletter

P&P_AwesomeSauce_Final (dragged) 1

Team AwesomeSauce – Barnes, Elliott & O’Beirne


The Part&Parcel newsletter project is creating an elegant, interactive newsletter for our magazine readers and website users. It will be a weekly newsletter with five different installments, each running once a month. Our newsletter will provide an opportunity for our readers to connect with their communities as well as to connect with the Part&Parcel community via the content of the newsletter and the many links back to the official website. Readers will also have the chance to connect with their own communities by sharing the newsletter on social media or by participating in the events that are promoted. The newsletter will encourage discussion from its themes and articles.

Continue reading

Team FED – 2014 Tech Project

LocationSearchThe FED project is an experiment on how data from any website or database can be mined and displayed in a timely, pertinent manner, according to any set of criteria.




In this iteration, the Find an Editorial Designer website and spinoff make use of the Dipity, Twitter, and Behance APIs to allow interested parties to find information on Canadian Editorial Designers based on their locations and most recent activity, and to draw the attention of potential employers to their online profiles.



PersonResultThe most important point the members of Team FED are hoping to make is that any set of criteria can be applied to our project to result in a similarly cohesive, user-friendly system for calling on a variety of information.

Part & Parcel Productions

 JMax comments (March 18) in ORANGE:

TITLE? Identifier? Date?

Identity statement and background context

We are editorial team of Part & Parcel. We are a young team of content producers and curators who wish to create original video content for our boomer-aged readers. With the launch of each issue of our quarterly magazine, we’ll invite readers to contribute 30s–2min videos of the things that are part and parcel to their life, as related to that issue’s theme. We’ll create a short series of original videos in advance of each coming issue which will both promote it and set the tone for reader submissions. Continue reading

WDPG Final Report

The Project

First published in book form in 1891, Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of the iconic novels of the nineteenth century. It is one of those novels that everyone should read.

Unfortunately, the general style of Victorian literature is no longer accessible for a large part of the contemporary audience, even if Dorian Gray is on the better side of that spectrum. Our mandate at Wilde Dorian Publishing Group—named after this novel—is to change that. We want to bring new audiences to appreciate the classics of Victorian literature. Continue reading