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WDPG Final Report

The Project

First published in book form in 1891, Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of the iconic novels of the nineteenth century. It is one of those novels that everyone should read.

Unfortunately, the general style of Victorian literature is no longer accessible for a large part of the contemporary audience, even if Dorian Gray is on the better side of that spectrum. Our mandate at Wilde Dorian Publishing Group—named after this novel—is to change that. We want to bring new audiences to appreciate the classics of Victorian literature. Continue reading

CoinFlip’s Adventures in Booktype


MediumCoinFlip Publishing began it’s program of re-imagining the classics with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We imagined an Alice that combined classic elements, (prose, poetry, and illustrations) with a modern collector’s aesthetic and  the function of cutting-edge production technology. Over the last three weeks, we have been flowing Alice through Booktype testing the program’s limitations and  benefits. The original book, like our version, incorporates images and poetry, it also incorporates custom typesetting in the form of the mouse-tail, which became our largest concern as we moved forward. It represents a challenge historically as well as  today, for any publishing platform. What follows is a list of the limitations, issues, and benefits of working with this software, as well as an overarching summary of  the company’s experience using Booktype (version 1.6.1) to bring our conception of Alice to life.

“Booktype makes it easier for people and organisations to collate, organise, edit and publish books. Delivering frictionlessly to print, third party services via an API and almost any ereader, Booktype facilitates collaborative production processes. No more lost manuscripts, overwritten Word files, awkward wikis or cumbersome CMSes.”

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