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Marketing Plan: Lost Girls Publishing

Marketing Plan
A distribution, discoverability and marketing plan for Lost Girl Publishing’s commemorative edition of Peter Pan.

NEWSFLASH [a.k.a. HOOK…pun totally intended]:
Neverland found! Vancouver archaeologist identifies an island in the Salish Sea as Peter Pan’s Neverland. Upon discovery Lost Girls Publishing collaborates with Vancouver university design students to launch commemorative edition of the literary classic…then donates portion of proceeds to education in the arts.

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Progress Report 2: Lost Girls Publishing

Team meeting: September 13, 2013

Project Status
Text has been copied into InDesign (74 pages at 8.5×11”) without any design elements. Issues: we noticed hard returns/line breaks had to be manually deleted so this process took 3 days (thanks to novice design skills). We were flowing text page by page (thanks to average design skills) until John pointed out we could flow all text at once and create a style sheet for increased efficiency (we developed a style sheet to automate chapter title headers and page breaks etc.) Continue reading