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 JMax comments (March 18) in ORANGE:

TITLE? Identifier? Date?

Identity statement and background context

We are editorial team of Part & Parcel. We are a young team of content producers and curators who wish to create original video content for our boomer-aged readers. With the launch of each issue of our quarterly magazine, we’ll invite readers to contribute 30s–2min videos of the things that are part and parcel to their life, as related to that issue’s theme. We’ll create a short series of original videos in advance of each coming issue which will both promote it and set the tone for reader submissions.

Some insight into our readers:

Susan Fiorelli, 67

    • Maintains a comfortable living as a part-time consultant.

    • She wants to uphold her level of comfort and isn’t interested in giving up the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to—pedicures, tennis club membership, society events and shopping trips to Seattle.

    • She believes that anyone can be successful with hard work, and that lack of success is just a sign of lack of effort.

    • She places a high value on her time, and is willing to pay others to do tasks she needn’t do herself.

Bill Lam, 56 years old

    • He is thinking about leaving the corporate environment to pursue a slower-paced lifestyle, but would still like to try his hand at personal investments.

    • He believes in working hard and giving credit where it’s due.

    • He needs a sense of accomplishment, the love and companionship of his family, and intellectual fulfillment. He wants more leisure time for traveling, golfing, gardening.

    • As a consumer, he values practicality, but also appreciates quality.

Marie O’Donnel, 71 years old

    • With her kids settled down, the most important things on her mind are her grandchildren and her newfound opportunity to relax.

    • Marie and her husband Elliot love to travel to exotic destinations and are always looking for the next adventure to have together.

    • She believes that maintaining good health is the best way to live a long, happy life, and goes out of her way to make sure that both she and her husband keep fit.

    • Marie enjoys shopping for pleasure, and frequently shops at Sears, the Bay, and craft stores like Michaels

We make decisions by majority consensus.

Aims and goals

Our project goals include:

Revamping the idea of “home videos” for the online publication realm. Please say more about this… it’s a rich idea.

Creating a streamlined and quick video production flow with Splice that complements a collaborative environment. What is Splice? Why Splice? And really, isn’t the goal actually to create a system where your target audience can easily (and joyfully) make and share videos?

Managing to produce high quality and meaningful short films with a zero budget. Who? You, or your audience?

Developing a list of guidelines and standards for compelling online videos that align with Part & Parcel’s vision.

Designing and building a microsite that best suits primarily video editorial content.

Writing complementary articles that highlight the thoughtfulness and sincere nature of our own films and our readers’ submissions. Need more detail here, too… This could be minimal, or it could be a huge deal.

Utilizing social media channels to effectively gather, organize and promote video editorials. Not clear enough what this means. Gather? Organize?

Designing a user interface and experience that is intuitive, nostalgic???, but also unique and exciting for our pre-retirement and retiring demographic and younger audiences – bridging the generational gap when it comes to mobile technologies.

Part & Parcel’s goals include:

Building community for the magazine? – fostering a sense of connectedness and excitement about transitioning into retirement

Aiding with the generational gap [aiding it? or fighting it? narrowing it?] in technology and anticipating potential user issues before they happen.

Involving our readers in a fun, story-creating experiment.

Introducing our readers to our videolog culture – bring them in as content creators rather than pure consumers.

Developing a project that can grow diversify as our reader-base grows. Define, or at least give an example…

Attracting more readers – increase print magazine subscription numbers -Through greater engagement?

Available resources (the knowns) and requirements (the unknowns)

Resources – Market/Audience research, current stories, marketing strategies and themes outlined in Part&Parcel magazine’s original proposal, current mobile devices (iPhone video and editing apps – Splice), Facebook Focus group, Website and print designs from P&P project (for aesthetic and content cohesion), YouTube Channel, other competitor’s websites’ inspiration

Requirements – instructional, design and usability of Splice, target audience’s response to the video editing app, the interest of our readers in creating videos, finding the right template for embedding the videos and written content, spreadability on social media channels, usability testing of website(register user/admin user, connect to user’s social account, user upload video and share to network, admin select video and upload to P&P website, search video function, categories function)

What we’ll present on April 9

As we touched upon earlier, Part & Parcel videos hearken back to home videos our parents’ created with their VHS tape recorders back in the 80s. We plan on presenting 2-4 videos that recall that sense of documentation and sentimentality. However, we now have the technologies to create, edit and catalogue these videos in a more beautiful and streamlined package.

We will present our completed videos edited on a mobile interface, and hosted on a Part and Parcel WordPress site.

We will walk our audience through our research process, which will include:

  • audience personas

  • hand-drawn and narrated storyboards

  • interactive demonstration of our chosen video-editing app, Splice

  • prototypes – user-testing feedback and improvements made

  • various iterations of our website and mobile version design

  • social media strategies – Sample Facebook and Twitter posts

  • Facebook focus group data

Finally, we will present our completed videos [done by you three? Or by members of your target audience?] that fit our chosen theme for the first month of our launch. They will be available on both desktop and mobile devices for the presentation. We will also present our responsive website prototype, viewable on the desktop, iPad and iPhone.

Provisional schedule

Week 1 (March 17 –  March 23) Plan Stage

– Strategic plan, with personas and 8 potential stories
– Web content strategy, define website function and user flow (register user/admin user, connect to user’s social account, user upload video and share to network, admin select video and upload to P&P website, search video function, categories function)
– Website paper prototypes (wireframe with buttons for testing use)
– Compose guidelines for crowd-sourced video
– Figure out how this project would work with the print and digital magazines’ editorial flow/process

Week 2 (March 24 – March 30) Testing Stage

–  Initial video storyboards
–  Software(App) plan
– Before User Testing (Prepare questionnaires, design user flow and ask user to do certain tasks same as the user flow, scenarios for user testing)
–  User-testing (use paper prototypes)

Week 3 (March 31 – April 6) Production Stage

– Refine website design based on user testing results
– WordPress digital site
– Rough video footage

Week 4 (April 7 & 8) Final Stage

– Finalize website, mobile version designs and finalize video
– Prepare presentation materials

This is good… I like the project, and I think the scope is reasonable. All I need you to do is tighten up the above, so the things that aren’t quite clear yet are crystal. Talk more in person… – JMax


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