The Time Tinkerers: Update, Marketing, and Distribution

September 20

We have experimented with exporting our book and paragraph indents work!

We need to figure out how to eliminate the double chapter heading issue. UPDATE: We remedied this issue by clicking a button called “show title in exports.” This allowed us to have only the roman numeral for each chapter visible at the beginning of each chapter.

September 24

Kobo test:

Our ebook loads in the Kobo. We simply dragged the PDF version onto the Kobo. Easy peasy!


  • It loads into “Documents” instead of “Books.” We will look into fixing this.

  • The font on the Kobo is very tiny. We are looking into adjusting this. The Kobo does not allow for font size increases.

    • We are checking if this is because we used a PDF file instead of an epub.

    • We are also testing on other ereaders for comparison.

    • UPDATE: Using the epub format fixed the tiny font problem 🙂

  • Time Machine image: We wanted to have a simple image at the end of the book. This resulted in the page having a default cover of (Untitled). We had to change this to have a title.

Moving the promotional website to TKBR sub-site:


  • This has not been done because we do not have permission to add the twenty twelve theme to our sub-site/blog. We designed our website in that theme.

    • Our website remains at

Pressbooks sub-site on Posiel


  • Rosie imported the Pressbooks files in a WordPress format into this website. It did not work at all.

  • Rosie tried to add a new book (considering the option of re-adding the chapters individually) but this is not allowed (Alert: registration is disabled).

  • It appears that the Pressbooks plug-in has created a BLOG for us instead of importing the actual Pressbooks tools.



  • Kaitlyn has been experimenting with importing the Pressbooks file in ICML format to do more customization in InDesign. At first none of the text could be viewed in InDesign but would appear in the copy viewer.

  • With some further messing around in InDesign, Kaitlyn was able to get the text to show up, but does not know what she did! The setting adjustment happened somewhere in the links panel and she is still trying to reverse engineer how it worked.

  • However, we do now know that a Pressbooks files can be exported into InDesign for layout customization.


Front/Back Matter

We are finishing up producing:

  • An introduction to the text.

  • An introduction to the author.

  • A brief description of us and the project.

  • Photos.

  • Further reading if you liked The Time Machine (adding hyperlinks to the book)

  • Selected further works by H.G. Wells.

September 26

UPDATE: The promotional website has been moved to a TKBR sub-site: This link has also been updated in our previous post regarding the site.



  • Our own website

    • Print copies come with a free ebook

    • option for format of ebook into Dropbox

  • Amazon

  • Kobo

  • Book Stores, schools, libraries, gift shops, grocery store, transport hubs etc…

  • iBooks

  • Barnes and Noble



Marketing Plan

Launch date: October 4, 2013

*Mary said today in class “Ask yourselves why the book is relevant today? Even if it is a classic book.” (Something to think about!)

Target audiences:

1. Kids in schools/teachers who are now reading the classics on their tablets/ereaders, fans of The Time Machine who want an ebook version.

2. steampunk community

lovers of science fiction; young, youth, and old.


Goal 1: Distribute the print edition of the book to 10-15 schools around the Lower Mainland. More and more, children are reading on ereaders and tablets. We want to make it easy for schools to update their learning strategies by doing outreach to several high schools. Sell the print book and promote ebook too.


  • Pre-launch: Research local high schools and find out which ones are ahead in the curve with technology including private schools.

  • Pre-launch: We will offer a bulk discount for every class that purchases our edition of the book.

    • We may consider offering a greater discount if the schools purchase printed books and ebooks as well.

  • Launch: Spread the word on Twitter. Many teachers are now on Twitter, so let’s try to find them.

  • Launch: Contribute to live Twitter chats revolving around the ideas of education and technology. Sample active hashtags are #edtech, #edtechchat, #elearning.

    • Be sure to keep these discussions to Canada only.


Goal 2: In reference to ‘why is this book relevant today?’, we could perhaps tie it into Doctor Who and also to the experiment of the project itself.

  • Pre-launch: Media to tech bloggers and publishing bloggers promoting from the angle of the experiment.

    • Digital ARCs + pitch letter

    • Pre-launch/Launch/Post Launch: On Twitter/forums

  • Pre-launch: steampunk community


Goal 3: Expand Visibility / Discoverability


  • Pre-launch/Launch: Goodreads giveaways. People have to add your copy to their “to-read” page to enter. Promote through other social media channels.

  • Pre-launch/Launch/Post launch: Blog—time capsule from the traveller + newsletter ideas

  • Pre-launch: Twitter – connect with science fiction fans, science fiction authors, target interesting content at big names on Twitter for re-tweet (ex. Cory Doctorow; William Gibson)

    • Tweets from the Future

  • Pre-launch: Produce an H.G. Wells-themed Tumblr being sure to attach our logo and website link to each post. This content is easily shareable and gets our word out there to the science fiction fans on Tumblr.

  • Pre-launch: Book reviewers – ARCs

    • Magazines for reviews:

  • Asimov’s

  • Locus

  • Analog

  • Neo-Opsis

  • On Spec

  • Pre-launch/Launch/Post Launch: YouTube videos?

    • scene acts

  • Pre-launch: Promoting between the tech groups—reciprocal sidebar ads with Wilde Dorian as our books would be of interest to the same demographics.

  • Launch: Google Hangout (wear a hat/upper outfit related to The Time Machine or from the future)

    • reward: free ebook code from our website



  • Sell 100 printed trade copies and 500 ebooks

  • no. of sales

  • newsletter subscription

  • # of reviews

  • twitter followers

  • facebook likes/comments/shares

  • website traffic (books website, online newspaper, radio etc)

  • launch attendance (virtual launch)

  • title clicks on Amazon, kobo, iBook, google books etc.

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