Progress Report 3: Lost Girls Publishing

September 20, 2013 – Lots of progress being made!


  • Typeface for print book selected: Body copy is Bembo MT Pro (selected because it’s an accessible serif font). Title and chapter typeface is Janda Stylish Script (selected for its curvy nature which aligns with the whimsical Peter Pan theme).
  • Marketing plan completed.
  • Print version: in InDesign, merged the individual chapters into a book and are in the process of finalizing layout, defining paragraph styles for consistency throughout the chapters. We’ve decided to move page numbers to the bottom – footer still needs to be decided on.
  • ePub version: developed an HTML style sheet and experimented with formatting options. Downloaded a free image tile (green leaves) from Google to use as the background for our epub. At first we put a white screen on the background as a placeholder for text. We all agreed the text box was too stark a contrast to the green tile, so we added a 0.7% opacity to the text box allowing the tile image to show through and ultimately creating a better balance (while making sure the faint background with its imprint was not intrusive to the reader experience). We also decide on a dark green font colour to showcase the embedded links to what will be modern day definitions of outdated terms found within our title, as well as selected a page break symbol (star).

Still in Progress

  • Website (background image selected)
  • Picture selection (including new cover image for epub)
  • Endnotes page for modern day definitions


  • We couldn’t use our custom Janda font in the epub version (fearing it might show up as random code on computers that don’t have this font family in their system), so we chose a similar standard typeface, Minion, for the body and Zapino for the headers.
  • After peaking at the first chapter of our HTML epub John pointed out that the first paragraphs of a chapter is never indented. Since this appears throughout the text we’re going to make a style sheet that automatically tags the first paragraphs so they’re recognized as the first in a sequence and not indented.
  • We can work on both platforms simultaneously, i.e., build the InDesign and HTML version at the same time, as long as the names of the paragraph styles have a similar/same relationship. We noticed some coding from InDesign was irrelevant in HTML when exported so we had to delete in order to maintain the formatting.


  • Book cover: John pointed out in today’s lecture that we need to be cognizant of the cover design in that it will be viewed at approximately 70 pixels so images with fine detail will lose their resolution. Based on this we need to redesign our beautiful water colour cover image of Peter & Wendy – we’re thinking a large image of wings, which has a whimsical feel and aligns with the script used for the title (which we’re really liking and are going to implement in the chapter header – a stylized numerical version).
  • Interactive functions of the epub version: we’re able to flow the text in HTML but not able to activate interactive page-flipping and linking functions…kind of the whole premise of an epub. John, PLEASE HELP.

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