The Geek Guild: Week 2

Digging into the meaty part of the project, we’re bracing ourselves for a few challenges.

September 16-20

This week we focused on creating a marketing website placeholder. We are currently working on building a WordPress site outside of the TBKR site to have more autonomy and ability to insert features, feeds, etc. Along with this, we completed the manuscript edits, have sourced photos, and have noted sections of the manuscript that will require special formatting, like poems.


The current marketing page features the book cover designed by Summer. Along with this, the group wrote copy, quotes, and more to market the book. Though the book isn’t celebrating a prominent milestone, this year does mark the 95th year since Baum’s death. Though this sounds a bit morbid, people generally hold onto dates and this could be a potential marketing angle.

The book design features an original image, something we’re trying to keep inherent in our promotion, while imposing a grid on top, juxtaposing something vintage style with something industrial or new. We feel like this is a representation of taking an American literary classic and turning it into an ePub.

We also plan on fleshing out a marketing contest/promotion to get people excited about the book and the new format. We’re thinking of incorporating an element of inter-generationality to show that this story has stood the test of time and can (and still is!) being enjoyed by people of all ages and from many generations.


On the production front we are continuing to flow text into InDesign, not surprisingly, this is taking a while for 250+ pages! Along with this, we have been continually referencing a video on featuring Anna-Marie Concepcion (InDesign CS5.5 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad), which, so far, has helped us figure certain things out like object placement and how to create a book panel which translates into a table of contents on Adobe Digital editions.

So far our main challenge has been creating an ePub that is aesthetically pleasing. We plan on tinkering with this and achieving the most beautiful result we can.


  • Is there an easier way to flow text into InDesign?
  • Will we be able to achieve the aesthetic look we’re hoping for through this method?

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