The Time Tinkerers Production Week 2



September 12
An initial attempt was made to format The Time Machine using Text Wrangler to fix straight quotes, extra line spacing, and paragraph indentation. When a first test chapter was moved into Pressbooks we found that much of the reformat had been useless as the Pressbooks interface reset the tabs to flush left and left us with broken lines on the right. When importing the text into the text editor screen in Pressbooks, there is no way to insert an indent at the beginning of paragraphs (that we have yet found). The paragraph breaks will have to be re-added. Inserting italics and em-dashes did work.

It turns out there is a reason when the lines were breaking where they were on the right—they’re breaking at the point that they will on the book page.

September 13
John helped us fix our line break issue using Text Wrangler.

FIND: \n\t

FIND: \n\n
check paste as plain text
keep line breaks

John also tried to help us transfer Pressbooks to our WordPress accounts on our own laptops. This is still an issue for us as we cannot customize a page at all using It appears that we cannot edit a style sheet to create tabs for new paragraphs. The following is the error message we received:
“PressBooks will not work with your version of WordPress. PressBooks requires a dedicated install of WordPress Multi-Site, version 3.6 or greater. Please upgrade WordPress if you would like to use PressBooks.”

September 16 production update

  • We have set up our Pressbooks account.
  • As our book is short in length, we have discussed creating individual chapter pages with our own clock design. We are unsure how to do this in Pressbooks.
  • This week, we are flowing the text by chapters into individual pages. (UPDATE Sept 16: Inputting the text was eventually straightforward. The line break issue has been fixed and the italics and em-dashes were eventually easy to fix with search and replace. All of the text has been flowed and justified into Pressbooks and we have edited the chapter headings to the roman numerals that we saw in the original. The question remains, how to we turn this text into a print-ready version? Export into inDesign, or is there a way within Pressbooks to reformat? We will visit this topic during the coming week.)
  • We have the basic text formatted, but we have not done anything specialized within the text (chapter headings, drop caps) yet.
  • We want to add an indent for every paragraph with the exception of the first one. We will need to edit a CSS stylesheet in our Pressbooks website.
  • We ran into a problem creating the logo as we accidentally chose an image under copyright. We will solve this problem soon. UPDATE: Logo added!


Website Creation

  • This has been a little tricky as no one our group has never created a website.
  • The first step was to come up with some ideas for the website.
  • We knew we wanted a banner with a great clock photo taken by Kaitlyn. We also thought of using famous quotes from the book (taken from
  • The second step was to create a basic page on Rosie’s local server. This allowed us to mess around without risking messing up anything else.
  •  We learned simple steps such as changing a banner and font changes.
  • We realized that the twenty thirteen theme wasn’t working for us, so we investigated other themes. We are using the Twenty Twelve theme.
  • Result: We have created a two column website design that features the cover and book information on the left and the book description and blurbs on the right. The 2012 template allowed us to use this design.
  • Banner—we will add “Time Tinkerers Publications” and logo
  • Banner dimensions for common WordPress themes can be found on this page:
    Dimensions for the 2013 theme are 1600×230. UPDATE SEPT 17: We have since changed to the 2012 theme. The same banner dimensions have worked for that theme.

Book Cover

We now have a cover for our book to go on the website along with other promotional material including: publisher’s info, a description of the book, photos, pull quotes/blurbs reviews of the book.

Problem: How to add custom CSS to our book.
Pressbooks is a much more simple version of WordPress. I cannot find an editor change these aspects. I was not able to use the Pressbooks plug-in on my account, nor in my account.
Solution: Speak to John about using Pressbooks on a TKBR sub-blog on

Problem: adding tabs to the paragraph requires adding the Pressbooks plug-in to our WordPress account.

Week of September 16-20
Questions to address:

  • Chapter title/heading design:
  • We want to create individual chapter titles pages to announce each chapter.
  • Example: Chapter 1 with a clock design
  • This may be as simple as creating another “chapter” between Chapter 1 and 2. It may be as complicated as exporting the file and adding these chapter title pages in InDesign.We like the idea of using a drop cap at the start of each chapter. We will look into this.

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