The Time Tinkerers Adventure with Pressbooks!


The Time Tinkerers produce a brand new edition of the The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.


Known as The Time Tinkerers, we are Kaitlyn, Velma, and Rosie.

What/Mission statement

Our mission is to reimagine the book production process using new online tools producing a new edition of The Time Machine.


We will produce H.G. Wells’ classic novel The Time Machine using an online application called Pressbooks. We will explore and document the ease and the constraints of using Pressbooks to produce high-end books in print and digital formats. At Time Tinkererer Publications, we will use the Pressbooks platform to produce the eBook version first then convert the digital version to a print ready format.


The research will take place during September 2013 with a final presentation summarizing the results in October 2013.


We will conduct our research at Simon Fraser University in Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver in B.C. in Canada on planet earth in the solar system in the milky way in the universe.


We will provide careful documentation on the pros and cons of using Pressbook as a production tool so that other publishers and interested parties can evaluate whether Pressbooks is a viable option for producing an eBook with aim to eventually move to the print market.




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  1. John Maxwell

    Sounds perfect. Do you folks have a logo? It would be great to add it here.

    It occurs to me that another interpretation of the “where” question might be about hosting. Are you planning on using for your project? Any thoughts to downloading the software and running it on your own WordPress?

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