The Geek Guild: The Yellow Brick Road from Manuscript to ePub


The Geek Guild, over the course of five weeks, will modify and manipulate Frank L. Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz into an ePub and publishable document.

The Geek Guild is a small, local publishing company composed of three employees with an enthusiasm for publishing  in both print and ePub formats. Brittany Vesterback, Emily Ross, and Summer Zhang, left Kansas in September 2013 to start The Geek Guild and are currently working on their first book adaptation which will include the manuscript text as well as several images. With the deadline of October 5, 2013, they have undertaken a large project of which they are excited to undertake.

Using the InDesign Method-C, inspired by Anne-Marie Concepcion, The Geek Guild will employ several techniques to fully transform the manuscript into a cohesive document entirely in InDesign. No further edits will be made to the document following exportation from InDesign.

The following is a proposal that documents the process that The Geek Guild will undertake:

  • Who: Brittany Vesterback, Emily Ross, Summer Zhang, hereafter referred to as The Geek Guild, will work together to complete Tech Project 1.
  • What: The Geek Guild will make a print and ePub version of a text file,  Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, through the InDesign ‘C-method’ based on the work of Anne-Marie Concepcion, hereafter referred to as “Her Geekness.”
  • How: The Geek Guild will use the work of Her Geekness as a basis to change and edit the text file. Fully manipulating the text and layout in InDesign, without any outside programs used for formatting, editing, etc. The final ePub and print exports will be full and complete documents.
  • When: Starting September 6th, 2013 and finishing October 5th, 2013. Schedule detailed below:
    • Week 1: Initial decision making – branding, research, basic editorial decisions and structural edit, style sheet
    • Week 2: Formulation – initial inDesign input and page flowing, necessary edits and layout decisions (images, headers, pagination)
    • Week 3: Management and tools – manage content in InDesign and employ Her Geerkness’ techniques to ensure a smooth transition from text to ePub, document strategies and challenges
    • Week 4: web promotion – create promotional website for the book in WordPress
    • Week 5: marketing – create and detail a marketing plan, finalize documents, and prepare for sales conference
  • Where: The Geek Guild will work in person and online, using Google Docs, email, and WordPress to bring the project to fruition in the most efficient manner.
  • Why: The Geek Guild will execute this project to transform a great manuscript into a ePub and publishable document. This will be done in order to learn and demonstrate the strengths and failings of the InDesign ePub conversion platform, particularly the one demonstrated by Her Geekness. This project will also showcase the skills acquired in Pub 607.
  • Research: The Geek Guild undertook some preliminary research in order to accurately employ and use the work of Anna-Marie Conception. Looking through her personal website as well several videos on that outline her ePub conversion tips and tricks. This research is ongoing and will likely be drawn upon when challenges are presented.
  • Considerations: The Geek Guild will need to consider the work of Anna-Marie Concepion in the conversion of this text document. We will also likely run into challenges that will shape our work and facilitate new learning in the technology area of publishing.

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  1. Douglas Waterfall

    AM sent your link my way – the InDesign EPUB Team is interested in your experience (in particular the InDesign parts) and looking forward to how you fare and hearing suggestions for improvement (other than “why doesn’t epub look like InDesign?”)

    BTW, what version are you using? CC is much improved from CS.previous…

    Drop me a line if you get stuck.

    Douglas Waterfall
    Architect, InDesign Engineering

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