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CoinFlip Publishing is a small start-up out of the Masters of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University in downtown Vancouver.  Sydney Barnes, Cassandra Metcalfe, Siobhan O’Beirne and Alex Sutcliffe, have joined together in this endeavour in order to produce books in both print and digital format using Booktype, a bleeding-edge, online book-making technology.

Our first project is an edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We intend to include original illustrations, poems and the prose text in our book as a way to explore the capabilities of BookType.

Our goal for this project is to master this particular software while exploring the difficulties and possible benefits involved in working with it. We are interested in exploring what this technology/software is capable of when confronted with the combining of different aspects of a collected edition, i.e. prose, poetry, distinctive typesetting, and illustration while still maintaining classical stylistics.

Our edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has a publication date of October 4, 2013.

In this first week, the text will undergo structural editing. In the second week, we will decide on the print style and begin translation into the BookType program. We expect to encounter some issues regarding the typesetting etc. as a result of our initial impressions of the program. This might involve individually coding each page in HTML. The following week will be spent attempting to paginate and consolidate the layout of the book. We will also attempt a first digital and print export to identify any problems or errors. In the final week leading up to October 4th, we will choose a cover design and complete proofreading before printing final drafts.

NB: We were originally assigned both BookType and FidusWriter for this project. We have chosen not to utilize FidusWriter as it is mainly a reference compiler (ie. RefWorks) for academic materials.


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  1. John Maxwell

    Nice start… I’m interested to hear the story behind the name of your group 🙂

    We have yet to get fully oriented to BookType… I think you’ll find that once we’re up and running with it, there are lots of options to explore. Hope you’ll find yourselves inspired.

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