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The Time Tinkerers: Update, Marketing, and Distribution

September 20

We have experimented with exporting our book and paragraph indents work!

We need to figure out how to eliminate the double chapter heading issue. UPDATE: We remedied this issue by clicking a button called “show title in exports.” This allowed us to have only the roman numeral for each chapter visible at the beginning of each chapter.

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Butler Press Marketing Plan

Butler Press Marketing Plan

The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart


 Butler Press will introduce a classic detective model in a new and innovative format. It will be accessible and relatable while still retaining the romanticism and nostalgia that accompanies the tactile touch of the page, the musty scent of the paper, and the comforting appearance that the yellowbacks provide. Continue reading

CoinFlip – Marketing Alice



Our first step is to build a newsletter list to send out promotional campaigns. At Word Vancouver on September 29th,  2013 we will be handing out flyers (with our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest listed alongside our mission statement and a picture of the front cover) offering candy and asking people to sign up for our newsletter. Our website also has an option to sign up for our newsletter (created free on MailChimp). Continue reading