A Literary Virtual Reality  
             (from the 1990s)

Greetings DHSIers, and welcome to DHmooSI, a very retro text-based virtual world. Just for fun. This is a MOO (that is, MUD (that is, Multi-User Dungeon), Object-Oriented) server which you can log in to, explore, converse with others, and even build the virtual environment.

The server is here at tkbr.publishing.sfu.ca – but to connect you’ll need a client app. There are zillions of MUD clients out there on the interwebs. A few which seem to do a nice job are:

Atlantis – this is a Mac client that’s easy to get running

tkMOO-light – use this if on Windows or Linux (it’s possible to get it running on a Mac, but it takes a little more doing).

On your phone or tablet, you can probably find MUD clients in your respective app store. On Android, Mukluk seems to work pretty well.

Once you have a client, set up a new connection profile for tkbr.publishing.sfu.ca, with port number 8888. And connect.

You should see a welcome screen that looks a little like the top of this page. To log in as a guest, type:

    connect guest

And hopefully that’ll just work.

To navigate the world, simply type the name of whatever exits are listed in the description of your currently location – often these are compass directions (n, w, s, e).

To chat with others (assuming there are others where you are), simply type a quotation mark followed by whatever you want to say.


You can also “pose” – that is, perform a virtual action, but typing a colon, followed by whatever it is you wish to be seen doing


If you love it, you can request a proper login for your own ‘permanent’ character, which you can elaborate as you see fit.