Groups and Projects

Developing a WordPress Theme for ROAM

Alex, Emily, Til, & Rosie

Designing and creating a bespoke WordPress theme and custom functionality for Roam,including a mobile-friendly interface and connections to relevant social media.

Developing an e-Newsletter for Part&Parcel

Siobhan, Sydney, & Tori

Designing and customizing an engaging e-mail newsletter service for Part&Parcel using MailChimp or equivalent. The system should alert subscribers to new content; invite them to events. It should encourage new subscriptions and provide a good sense of who subscribers are and how they behave (via analytics). Can it integrate with Facebook?

Developing Video Features for Part&Parcel

Amanda Lee Smith & Ria

Designing and developing video editorial features for Part&Parcel, integrating with other editorial, positioning and promoting via social media and the web.

Developing a Tablet Edition of SHED with Padify

Andrea, Alina, Jesmine, & Summer

Exploring, designing, and prototyping a tablet edition of SHED, using the Padify environment. What’s different/unique about the tablet environment that is different from what the web and/or print editions can offer? How can it provide new and valuable ad inventory?

Exploring Data Streams & Services

Amanda Peters, Diane, & Mike

Using APIs from services like Behance, Instagram, and Twitter, this project aggregates, filters, and curates content from ongoing streams and then presents it in a variety of interesting ways, either as part of a magazine’s public face, or as a service to magazine editorial.

Developing an Editorial & Production Workflow

Kaitlyn, Shed, & Velma

Designing a content repository and management system to supply content and advertising to web, tablet, and print editions of a magazine such as SHED.

Launching a Shoestring Publication Online

Brittany & Cass

Using the web, social media, and local networks to establish and launch a small, local web magazine on a minimal budget.

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