Welcome to Project: Room, our fortnightly podcast brought to you by the Book of MPub, a curated collection of publishing-related topics ranging from today’s trends, controversies, and other stuff worth talking about. The Book of MPub grew out of Simon Fraser University’s Master of Publishing program. In an effort to share our work with the rest of the publishing world, as well as readers and authors, we sought to create a way to share our labours, and here we are. We love talking about books, obviously, and so do a lot of other people. Not only will we share what we know and read, but we want to know what you read, and what everyone else reads.

In our first episode, Sarah discusses LGBTQ+ literature, or lack thereof. With guest Zoë Tustin, they look at the history of Queer Lit, the word ‘queer,’ and where LGBTQ+ lit stands today, from Zoe’s essay “Romeo and Julian: The Necessity of LGBT+ Literature”. For more information on the issues facing queer fiction read about Zoe Whitall’s experiences on The Walrus (Queerer Than Fiction), find a new book from a LGBT+ author with Bustle (25 Queer Authors You Absolutely Should Be Reading If You’re Not Already), and read more about the exciting new LGBT+ awards from the New York-based Publishing Triangle.

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